Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book

Bookings are now required due to our COVID Safe Plan. Bookings can be made via the Mindbody App, or through the "Climb Today" button above. If it is your first visit, book in for a First Visit / New to Hot Rock session so that our staff can take you through a Safety Induction. We recommend that groups of 8 or more climbers email us in advance to access discounted pricing and a dedicated staff member to ensure that your first climbing experience goes smoothly. Email us at

What should I wear

Wear comfortable, sporty clothing, keeping in mind that long shorts, pants or leggings are more comfortable with our harnesses than short shorts. Close-toed shoes are compulsory for climbing, and if you plan on hiring climbing shoes, please bring socks. Please note that bare feet are not allowed, so be sure to bring appropriate footwear if you need to remove climbing shoes between climbs.

Is there a time limit

Climbing sessions are currently 90 minutes long, and we clean between each session, however if you would like to continue climbing in the next session, simply check in with our staff to see if there's space available. We are not in a rush, we want you to enjoy the experience.

How old do my children need to be

We have had climbers as young as 3 years old climbing on our walls, so it just depends on the individual ability of the child. (If they can climb out of their crib, you might have a little climber in the making!) Children must be 13 years or older to belay another climber.

What if I have never climbed before

No previous experience is necessary, climbing is fun and enjoyable for everyone. We have climbs of varying difficulty to engage all ability levels, and to continue to challenge you as your strength and technique improves. Just book a session and we will show you how it all works and give some friendly advice while you learn the ropes. You can also check out our weekly Technique Tuesday class at 6pm to help you gain some confidence.

Do I need a partner

Climbing with friends is always more fun (unless you’re Alex Honnold), but you do not need a partner to boulder or climb on our Auto-belays. If you are new in town or need to find a new climbing buddy for climbing on our roped climbs, come down anytime and we can introduce you to other climbers. You can also post a partner request onto our Facebook page or the Rockclimbers Association of NQ (Townsville) Facebook group.

What does 'Belay" mean

To ‘belay’ or ‘belaying’ is the technique of controlling the safety rope attached to the climber to stop them falling to the ground. Climbers must have a belay partner in order to climb on the ropes at Hot Rock.


Groups & Parties

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COVID-19 Update

Bookings for general climbing sessions are no longer required!

We thank everyone in advance for cooperating with our COVID Safe Policies and Procedures. The health and well-being of our customers and staff are important to us, and we are working diligently to ensure the gym remains a safe space for our community to enjoy! Please stay home if you are feeling unwell, and note that powdered chalk is no longer allowed (liquid chalk only), as well as walking around with bare feet (bring appropriate footwear to slip on between climbs if required).

Come in for a climb at any time during our regular scheduled business hours!
Bookings are still required for all Classes & Members Only Morning Sessions. 😀

For any other questions, check out our FAQ’s or Contact Us page.