Welcome to Hot Rock Adventure Centre

We cater to all levels of climbing! 

Casual bookings, all-access memberships, birthday parties or other groups – we have something to suit everyone!

Our experienced staff take all new climbers through a safety induction to introduce the 3 types of climbing available at our centre, as well as teach everything needed to start your climbing adventures.

For more experienced climbers, we have all the facilities needed to climb for fun, push your limits, and socialise with friends. Our technique and fitness classes will help take your climbing to the next level.

In addition to new climbs each week, and a training area, Hot Rock membership also gives you access to a weights gym, and a Moon Board.


3 Climbing Options

We have roped climbs that you can climb with a partner, or auto-belay climbs which can be climbed on your own. Bouldering is climbing without a rope on shorter walls with big mats for soft landings and can also be climbed on your own or with groups of friends.

We offer a fun, safe environment, catering to all levels of climbing experience. Our friendly staff are all knowledgeable, passionate climbers who want to introduce you to the fun of this unique sport and the amazing Townsville climbing community. 

Top Rope

To climb on our roped routes, you will need to climb with a partner. One person climbs while the other manages the safety rope (belaying). Children under the age of 13 years are too young to ‘belay’ and require an adult or partner 13 years or older.

Sometimes it is hard to find a partner – our classes are a great way to meet other climbers, or you could try posting a request for a climbing partner on our Facebook page, or on the local outdoor climbing association’s Facebook page (RANQ Club).


People without climbing partners, or parents who do not want to ‘belay’ will love our auto-belays! Once safely attached to the auto-belay, (which is covered during the safety induction) climb away! The Auto-belay will safely lower the climber back down to the ground when they let go of the wall. Children may need help attaching themselves to the Auto-belay.



Bouldering is a type of climbing that is performed on short walls, with thick mats to land on when you let go of the wall. Children under the age of 13 years may boulder, but require direct supervision of an adult to make sure they follow all safety rules. You do not need a partner for this type of climbing.


Groups & Parties

Youth Programs